This is is 8th instance of my website since 1994, which – as its precessors- contains an “About” section that provides some brief information about myself. Starting from a fancy, more or less mature version in Version v1, each successor increased its focus on my profession and skill level – mainly because I doubted that my electronics experiments and telecommunication hacks in the 80s and 90s might be of interest for anybody.

A few years later, I think that this is a too much binary point of view, so I will attempt to go a little backwards.


Picturing a boy who:

  • Grew up in the 80s in the Aachen region.
  • Loved to scavenge the old TV sets to build FM transmitters and knock out the “old peoples music” radio station.
  • Knows how to ride steel-framed bikes without suspension forks and just one gear.
  • Has a smile on his face when somebody says “Press Play on Tape” , “Guru Meditation” , “sys 64738” , “IDDQD”, “ARMN”, “I sell those fancy leather jackets”, “640k”, “Zu diesem Anschluß kann zur Zeit keine Funkverbindung hergestellt werden”, “Scumm-Bar”, “ATX3DT”, “Godlike!”  or even “Hurra, wir fliegen!”
  • Used a more or less mobile phone in the german C-Tel network and actually listened to real radio noise (for those who like german: look up the word “Komfortrauschen”) during a phonecall.
  • Joined a goodbye party for the mobile network above in the early 2000s.
  • Knew what happened when you send a 12-impulse on telephones using a 16kHz unit counter – and used it as a prank frequently.
  • Was collecting pagers and SIM cards of GSM networks which ceased to exist, such as Quam or Libertel.
  • Possessed a record player which actually had two speeds and no pitch slider and no red dot on the cartridge…
  • …and tuned the device by adding a homebrew pitch slider when he was 10

…one might have a partial impression of me as a child.


I was working as a Lead Software Engineer, Architect and Project Manager in a mid-sized software company in Aachen which is focusing on industrial information technology, buzzworded Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things. My daily work includes all the tasks from Consulting, Requirements Engineering, Architecture Design and Review, Implementation, Testing and Project Management.

In mid 2016, I decided to leave the automotive-focused sector in favor of the Networking and SmartHome/Connected Living field – so I quit my job and switched to an awesome company named Devolo AG, also in Aachen.

During my previous employments I was working in the digital audio and broadcasting, aswell in the textile and mobile communication industry. I am holding a degree in Computer Science and Electronics, when I am “away from keyboard” I enjoy cycling, martial arts, traveling, music and photography.


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