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Containers or FaaS? Don't worry, you are OK!

I often withness and participate in very intensive debates on whether “serverless”/FaaS, containers in any form in terms of management and orchestration are the way to go. Often, people are very vocal about one side of the extreme, while I pursue a much more relaxed, neither less opiniated way. This post is supposed to briefly summarize my opinion. I will not dive deeply into the details of containers and FaaS here to avoid redundancy and keep the post focused.

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Hiking to the Mount Teide Summit

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View from Montana Roja on Tenerife Island, Canarian Archipelago

How to pass the Amazon Certified Solution Architect Associate Exam

If you are currently preparing for an AWS Solution Architect certification, you might have stumbled across numbers of articles providing hints and experiences on how to pass the exam, often consisting of affiliate links and talking heads on video. In this article, I want to provide my point of view regarding preparation and passing the exam - completely ad-free. Preparation There are several ways of preparing for an AWS Solution Architect Associate (OK Google!

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Heligoland viewed from Heligoland Düne

Still there // Heligoland

A 10minutes video I made with the intent to capture the relaxed mood during a sunday walk on the island of Heligoland. Please keep in mind that the video is hosted on Youtube, so either be aware that they might set some cookies, or better: have your Adblocker armed!

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Gran Canaria


Icy sea close to Reykjavik, Iceland

Useful Hugo Shortcodes for PDF lists and Image galleries

For the relaunch of my personal website, I used the awesome Hugo static website generator, and for a shorter leadtime, extended it with two custom Hugo Shortcodes I use frequently. Automatic Gallery The template I am temporarily using for the launch phase already contains basic gallery support with the primary aim of styling based on Fancybox, but it lacked automatic serving of a directory as a gallery. What I knew was that I wanted to drop my galleries under /static/galleries/{name}, as I heavily prefer the convention-over-configuration maxime.

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A sea in the french alps - the continues flow of water and information

Hugo Continous Integration and Deployment

Having used legacy PHP-based CMS solutions such as Wordpress or Typo3 for a long time, I finally switched back to a static website generator, for various reasons. In this article, I want to outline a setup which makes it possible to treat distributed website development as clean as any other software, including versioning and continous deployment. Why Hugo? I retired Wordpress in favor of Hugo for several reasons: Wordpress has a very old codebase with mixed quality and reliability A lot of work was required to make it secure.

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New Chillout track, produced with LMMS

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Data flowing streamlined like traffic

Data Serialization Frameworks in Java

Given an overall systems architecture or infrastructure which gets the “IoT” box ticket, the will probably be a place where data transfer and size will come into account, for instance if constrained devices are using a potentially unreliable or expensive connection, such as a cellular data connection. For instance, an enbedded monitoring device which serves the purpose of delivering real-time telemetry to the core system of a car manufacturer will quickly come to a point where JSON-Encoding might exceed the computing power required for the actual job.

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